Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult our FAQs for questions you may have, if your question does not appear here, please contact us directly at info@cdatire.com.

How often does Canada Tire deliver?

Depending on where you are located, Canada Tire offers delivery multiple times a day, same day or next day. Our delivery frequencies are competitive with other distributors. Contact us for more information.

Does Canada Tire offer a warranty on the products they sell?

Most of our tires come with a Canada Tire Limited Warranty, including Road Hazard and a 30-Day Trial. Click the warranty symbol below for more details.

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Can anyone buy from Canada Tire?

Canada Tire is a distributor and does not sell to end-users. However, if you want to find one of our dealers, please contact us info@cdatire.com and we’ll refer you to an amazing dealer in your area.

How do I become a dealer?

Our exceptional service, backed by 92 years of experience, will ensure that you get the tires, wheels, and accessories your customers want, exactly when you need them. In order to maximize the profitability for our partners, we are selective in signing up new dealers. We want you to succeed!

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One of our seasoned reps will be in touch within one business day, in the meantime, if you have any questions, call us at 1-888-267-5097.

Does Canada Tire sell anything besides tires?

Canada Tire also offers very competitive pricing on wheels as well as accessories, contact us for more details info@cdatire.com.

Where are Canada Tire’s warehouses located?

Canada Tire has warehouses strategically located in Central and Eastern Canada in order to facilitate the distribution. Over 75 people make up the Canada Tire’s team at its headquarters in Montreal and warehouses in Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In addition, the large team of sales representatives ensure outstanding, high performance service and professional representation of the world’s leading automotive brands.

Does Canada Tire only sell tires for passenger, SUV & Light Truck vehicles?

We also carry ST Trailer & TBR tires including, but not only the brands Mastertrack, TransEagle and Roadmaster. Canada Tire also carries wheels from Robert Thibert and DTD.

How come Canada Tire does not carry other major brands?

Canada Tire offers a full range of tires to its customers – across all 3 tiers. We focus our energy on offering a wider depth of inventory on the brands we carry. Our core mission is to provide unique tire brands that maximise profitability for our customers.

What brands of tires does Canada Tire sell?

At Canada Tire, we stock a wide selection of passenger, performance, SUV, and Light truck tires. Our preferred brands include; Pirelli, Cooper, Nexen , Minerva, Ovation, Durun, Kumho, and Starfire.

From Summer, All Season, All Weather to Winter tires, we offer a wide range of sizes for virtually every make and model on the road today. Minerva and Ovation are exclusive to Canada Tire and come with a full warranty, road-hazard and thirty-day trial.

Why Canada Tire?

Canada Tire has played a major role in shaping Canada’s tire industry for over 92 years. Founded by Louis Wiseman in 1928, the Company is presently lead by the third (William Granatstein) and fourth generations (Gabriel Granatstein & Chris Moody) who share the same love for the tire business and a dedication to their employees, suppliers, customers and dealers.

While Canada Tire began as a company that specialized in retail tire sales, it has grown to become a unique tire distributor with thousands of customers, both large and small.

Each employee shares the same vision and passion for quality and service instituted by the Canada Tire founders. We are a culture that emphasizes respect, trust, loyalty and friendship. The leadership team knows that it does not have the answers and encourages and values contributions from the entire team. Our focus is on stable long-term growth to ensure that the business thrives for at least another 92 years.